I am trying to go in and out of scenes...How do I navigate around?

Look down in the left and right corners of each scene and you will find SCISSORS. These move you in and out of the scenes. If you want to leave or finish, just tap the scissors in the direction you want to go.

How do I buy new things from Puffin’s Workshop?

Each Puffin in the Workshop sells different items. Hat Puffin is on the left, middle is accesories Puffin and then shoe Puffin on the right of the scene. Click on the one you want and then SLIDE your finger on the shelf to show all the items. When the item you want is in the BOX, it will tell you how many Dalas you need to get it.

Where is the Boutique?

The scene after the title is called Mainstreet. You can touch and drag the scene to see more. The Boutique is all the way to the right side!

How do I earn more Dalas so I can buy things?

There are a few ways to earn more Dalas. Sewing and collecting pins and selling outfits in the Boutique. (hint: you get more Dalas in sewing if you sew RIGHT OVER THE CENTER of each pin!)

Everytime I try to go to the Studio, it stops me. What should I do?

You need to make some clothes before you can combine them to make an outfit in the Studio. Tap on the Atelier, choose what kind of clothes you want to make (a dress, top or bottoms) choose your shapes, fabrics and overlay patterns, then sew and style. Be sure to save your clothes. Once you have something saved, you can go into the studio to design an outfit! (HINT: be sure to choose the SAME COLLECTION if you have more than one to see what you just
made in the Atelier)

How do I make a shirt instead of a dress?

Tap the mannequin on the first screen in the Atelier to switch to a different clothing item.

I made a dress in Atelier but I don't see it in the Studio...where did it go?

Each of the COLLECTIONS are SEPARATE so you must choose the same collection in the studio that you chose in the Atelier when you made the clothes. (Example: If you choose Vivia in the Atelier and made a dress, then after you saved that dress, you must select Vivia again in the Studio chooser scene to use that dress to create an outfit)

If I forgot how to play, how can I get help in the app?

Look for the PINK BIRD in the HOUSE and tap that to rerun the tutorials in specific scenes.

How do I change the nail colors on the Sheep in the Boutique?

One fun thing to do is paint the nails of the Sheep in the Boutique! Just tap the different nail polish bottles to change them. If you have mpre than one collection, you can switch to a different one by tapping the COLLECTION ICON to the left.

How do I get to play with the Vivia Ferragmo collection?

The Vivia Collection and all other incoming Collections are available for purchase in the Boutique. Just tap on the DESK with the Host Character to see all the things available to buy.

What happens when I get a new Host character?

If you have purchased a NEW HOST CHARACTER from the Boutique then you can play with them too! After purchase, you need to go to the Studio chooser scene to switch. Then you wil see you new host friend go with you everywhere!

What do I get if I pay for a collection?

If you purchase a NEW COLLECTION, you will get ALL NEW clothing and sleeve shapes, fabrics and pattern overlays, new head items, accessories and shoes, as well as all new styling items like bows, collars, belts and more!

©Tara Murphy